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Middle Earth for 5e

Want to play your Middle Earth campaign with the 5th edition system? Here are the materials you'll need to make it happen.

Making a 5e Character: The Checklist

Making a character in 5th edition can be a difficult and error-prone. Here's a handy checklist to guide you through the process.

The Fighter Commander for 5e

Make your Fighter a force multiplier with the Commander martial archetype for the Fighter class.

The Rogue Scout for 5e

A roguish archetype, the scout is a swift explorer moving unseen through hostile territory observing, probing, and gathering information about the terrain, threats, fortifications, and the movements of enemy forces.

Ability Customizer for 5e

Creating a character with the variant custom abilities rules? Use this calculator to make it easy.

5e: Player Combat Screen

A quick combat action reference for new players of 5th edition.

5e: Index of Magic Items by Category

The missing index from the Dungeon Master's Guide, listing magic items by category.

Character Creation Twists

Give your characters an interesting tale with shared background stories or personal secrets.