Deities of Middle-earth for 5e

Gods and clerics have a slightly different flavor in a Middle-earth setting, but if you need to select a deity, here are the equivalent approximations of gods in Arda.

Below are listed the Valar, gods created by Eru that chose to enter Middle-earth. Lesser demi-gods, the Maiar, are numerous and not listed here, but any of them could also serve as a chosen deity.


Deity Alignment Suggested Domains Symbol
Aulë the Smith, father of Dwarves ("Mahal" in Khuzdul) N Knowledge, War Masonry tools
Estë the Gentle NG Life Willows
Lórien (Irmo), Master of Dreams and Desires NG Knowledge, Trickery Red flowers
Mandos (Námo), Judge of the Dead LN Life, Knowledge Eye
Manwë Súlimo, King of the Valar LG Light Eagle
Morgoth, exiled from Arda LE, NE, CE Tempest, War Iron crown
Nessa the Dancer CN Trickery Deer
Nienna, Lady of Mercy N Knowledge, Life Teardrop
Oromë Aldaron, the Great Rider ("Béma" in Rohan) CG Nature, War Spear and bow
Tulkas Astaldo, Champion of Valinor CN Trickery, War Fist
Ulmo, King of the Sea CN Tempest Green wave
Vairë the Weaver N Knowledge, Trickery Web
Varda Elentári, Queen of the Stars, wife of Manwë, ("Elbereth" in Sindarin) LG Light, Knowledge Star
Vána the Ever-young CG Life, Nature Birds in flight
Yavanna Kementári, Giver of Fruits, wife of Aulë NG Life, Nature Fruits