Hey, Look!

Bring some flavor to your travel montage

Travel can be dreary for adventurers. Sometimes you need a detail to add some flavor or realism to the world. Don't let a day pass without at least one notable or curious sight. But beware: doing this might lead to an increase in roleplaying.

1 An apple tree
2 A cool bubbling spring
3 A hot spring
4 A giant tree uprooted and fallen
5 The largest hornet nest you've ever seen
6 A boulder that looks like a ______
7 An ancient sculpture
8 A sign
9 A pile of wood chips
10 A cairn
11 An old stone wall
12 A tiny cascade
13 A bed of moss
14 A shallow pit
15 Litter
16 Manure
17 A very large flock of birds
18 A hollow tree
19 A sinkhole
20 An empty animal fold
21 A tree trunk that looks like a ____
22 An old broken wagon wheel
23 Birds of prey soaring high overhead
24 A hidden venomous snake
25 A recent rockfall
26 Grazing domesticated animals
27 A passing caravan
28 Bushes bearing edible berries
29 An old boat clearly not seaworthy
30 A recent burial/pyre with a simple marker
31 A giant tree that is entirely dead
32 Two trees that rub together in the wind making a squeaking noise
33 A bog with several lost items stuck in it
34 Tall grasses pressed down where large animals have bedded
35 A marsh from which light fluffy seeds drift lazily through the air
36 A rainbow
37 A small pile of split firewood
38 A dust devil
39 Long narrow banks of fog
40 A field of red flowers
41 A child's wooden sword
42 A child's doll
43 A bonnet
44 A strange coin
45 An animal carcass buzzing with flies, the ground coated with short fur and footprints of predators
46 A shallow cave
47 A tall wooden post
48 A broken cistern
49 A large patch of thorny brambles
50 A hidden hollow
51 A still pool with clouds of insects above it
52 Standing stones
53 A rope swing over water
54 Migratory birds
55 A burnt tree
56 A rabbit caught in a snare
57 A crudely-fashioned chair and a wooden bowl next to it
58 A tree weeping a large amount of sap from its trunk
59 Several carrion birds sitting quietly on the branches of a tree
60 A dilapidated wooden shed
61 A sapling growing on top of a boulder
62 An act of vandalism
63 An act of art
64 An animal skull placed on top of a large rock
65 Several fallen trees